Sailing trip to St Andrews

This Sunday sees a sailing trip to St Andrews. It’s one of our longer trips and for those who haven’t done it before, it’s a chance to venture out of the Tay Estuary and explore new waters. 

A passage plan has been prepared and will be available but in essence, we sail downriver to the Pool, the navigable channel down past the end of Tentsmuir Forest, sail through the Pool and out into St. Andrew’s Bay. The destination is the East Sands which are just past the harbour. 

You get great views of St Andrews as you approach and sail past, watch out for lobster pots as you near the harbour area, there are quite a few, and they have markers.    

It’s quite a long day so you would want to bring food, drink and warm clothing. (I think the Cheesy Toast Shack may be open at the sands for those interested – other venues may also be available) 

We would return by the same route on the incoming afternoon tide. If you would like to come along, please book for this one on the Book a Sail facility on the website. If for some reason you can’t access that you can e-mail Michael to let him know. The launch is at 9.30 prompt, please arrive in good time for changing and for the safety briefing. 

The current forecast is for a dry day with moderate winds. 

Evening sails have now come to a close so no sailing this Thursday, however, there are still the weekends to enjoy ….. 

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