Dolphins and Stormy weather

A wee update after an enjoyable sail today. It was the Tay sailing weekend hosted by the Royal Tay but only 1 DSC Wayfarer entered the racing - myself and Kerstin. We opted out of the Saturday races as the winds were very light but had a blast 4 times around the course for race 1 today without discredit!

We then joined up with 2 other Wayfarers, helmed by Tam and Randall, a topper and the keel boat to head for the Pool sands, catching some squally blasts in a fast run down (Randall clocked us reaching 9.6 knots on his iPhone gadget). Not much rain but some impressive storm clouds looming over Barry Buddon - see photo of happy sailors at Pool sands!

Dolphins were spotted coming in past the Pool buoy so we headed out into some lumpy waves and gusty wind for an exciting tack back upriver, with looming rain clouds to the north and sunshine over Fife. Dolphins swam alongside our boat to top off an enjoyable day. Hats off to John Stanners who did the whole trip keeping pace on a topper - first time I've seen that done, in testing conditions too.

Sailors at The Pools

Sailors at The Pools

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