St Andrews Trip 25.06.2016

Clara and Mr Bump launched on Saturday to catch the ebb tide to take them down river and then south to St Andrews. An ENE light breeze, fortified with some paddling/rowing, enabled an easy beat to make for the Pool, where they had a rendezvous, whilst some seal-spotting was enjoyed further on. On the approach to St Andrews Bay, sails were spotted in the distance, and, sure enough, 3 boats from St Andrews SC made contact, together with their safety boat.

After beaching, everyone gathered at the clubhouse - the old lifeboat house - for soup, lunch and a blether, before launching again at 1430.

There was sufficient wind from the NE to take the boats against the flood tide across the Bay, accompanied by the SASC safety boat. Locating and crossing the Pool mid-tide was quite simple, but the wind dropped significantly once the corner was rounded to head west for DSC. Concern began to rise as a drilling rig, being towed towards the docks, loomed ever larger behind, and power was invoked to accelerate for Broughty Ferry out of its way!

The Club was reached some 9 hours after first launch, ending a trip which was certainly enjoyable despite the lack of wind.

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