14 September 2015

Report on Weekend events

Sunday we had four boats on the water, but not much wind, and a picnic on Broughty Beach.

Next week events

Tuesday 15Sep15, High Water 16:59, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather Westerly, Light Breeze, 13°C, overcast.

Safety boat helm: Gordon Kidd

Safety boat crew: Leandro Tramma

Thursday 17Sep15, High Water 17:58, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather Westerly, Gentle Breeze, 12°C, broken cloud.

Safety boat helm: Kerstin Jorna

Safety boat crew: Elisabetta Loi

Sunday 20Sep15, Low Water 13:31, launch 13:00

Destination Farewell To Dolphins, weather South Westerly, Gentle Breeze, 15°C, cloudy.

Safety boat helm: Ian Morrison

Safety boat crew: Euan Denman

Officer of the Week:

Danny McCabe

Cleaning rota:

Ricardo Tramma / Dave Pointon

Upcoming Training

26th – 27th September, RYA level 1 / 2 sailing and powerboat. Could be spaces available last minute.

Upcoming Social Event

26th September 7pm. Food, drink, music, in honour of Sir Francis Drake!

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