3 August 2015

Report on Weekend events

Sunday we had six boats on the water, downstream against tide and wind. Two boats got past the cardinal (yellow and black) mark towards Tentsmuir, the rest of us hove-to for our lunch and returned slightly early.

There was no excitement with break-away yachts or other incident.

Next week events

Tuesday 04Aug15, High Water 18:43, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather South Westerly, Fresh Breeze, 15°C, rain.

Safety boat helm: Ian Morrison

Safety boat crew: Dave Pointon

Thursday 06Aug15, High Water 20:51, launch 19:00

Destination Racing 8, weather South Westerly, Gentle Breeze, 17°C, sunny.

Race Officer 1: Leandro Tramma

Race Officer 2: Saydulla Pershe

Safety boat helm: Michael Cain

Safety boat crew: Emily McKay

Sunday 09Aug15, High Water 11:06, launch 13:00

Destination local sail, weather South Easterly, Gentle Breeze, 13°C, rain.

Safety boat helm: Ron Melville

Safety boat crew: Klemen Kamenik

Officer of the Day:

Danny McCabe

Cleaning rota:

Saydulla Pershe / Chris Lim

Future Events:

Be A Pirate For A Day

Saturday, 15th August, 1pm onwards

Dundee Sailing Club is hosting its annual family fun day on Saturday 15th August with pirate theme family activities all afternoon, in boats and on shore (bring a towel and change of clothes). 

Kerstin will be asking for volunteers for many tasks…

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