22 June 2015

Next week events

Tuesday 23Jun15, High Water 20:43, launch 19:00

Capsize Training, weather good Northerly wind, 14°C, broken cloud.
Note: the safety boat will stick with the Enterprise, which will be used for the capsize drill. We’ll do some shore-based instruction, then two people at a time will be ferried out to do the drill; those on shore will no doubt give points for style!

Safety boat helm: Ron Melville

Safety boat crew: Ian Morrison

Thursday 25Jun15, Low Water 15:53, launch 19:00

Destination downriver, weather nice easterly wind, 12°C, cloudy.

Safety boat helm: Saydulla Pershe

Safety boat crew: Steve Dewar

Sunday 28Jun15, High Water 12:50, launch 13:00

Destination Davy’s Beach, weather light Southerly wind, 19°C, overcast.

Safety boat helm: Kerstin Jorna

Safety boat crew: Ron Melville

Officer of the Week:

Duncan Heather

Cleaning rota:

Michael Kidd / Mikel Arrieta Salgado

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