7 September 2015

Report on Weekend events

The warm, sunny conditions attracted a good turnout on Sunday. 8 boats set sail downriver with the ebbing tide and downwind in a moderate breeze, sailing quite far out along the Abertay sands before landing for lunch while awaiting the tide to turn. It proved to be a long and enjoyable tack back upriver, with the group ashore around 6pm. A successful maiden voyage for Alistair’s new Wanderer “Daisy” with Bill and Brian giving some guests an unexpected swim in the Tay on the way back

Next week events

Tuesday 08Sep15 Low Water 18:22, launch 19:00

Destination downriver, how about some single-handed practice? Weather South Easterly, Gentle Breeze, 12°C, sunny.

Safety boat helm: Ron Melville

Safety boat crew: Emily McKay

Thursday 10Sep15, Low Water 20:03, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather South Easterly, Moderate Breeze, 16°C, sunny.

Safety boat helm: Chris Lim

Safety boat crew: Klemen Kemenik

Sunday 13Sep15, High Water 16:12, launch 13:00

Destination local harbours, weather South Easterly Moderate Breeze, 17°C, cloudy.

Safety boat helm: John Morrison

Safety boat crew: Ian Johnston

Officer of the Week:

Duncan Heather

Cleaning rota:

Ian Morrison / Jos Hall

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