29 June 2015

Next week events

Tuesday 30th, Low Water 20:39, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather light Southerly wind, 22°C, rain.

Safety boat helm: Michael Cain

Safety boat crew: Allan Dewar

Thursday 2nd, Low Water 22:09, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather light South-Westerly wind, 21°C, sunny.

Safety boat helm: Saydulla Pershe

Safety boat crew: Jos Hall

Sunday 5th, Low Water 12:04, launch 13:00

Dundee WaterFest, weather good South-Westerly wind, 19°C, sunny.

Safety boat helm: Matthew Simpson

Safety boat crew: Dave Flynn

Officer of the Week:

Michael Kidd

Cleaning rota:

Duncan Heather / Bob Mann

Advance Notice:

Saturday 18th – Sunday 19th July Camping at Newburgh Sailing Club

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