4 May 2015

Report on Weekend events

Sunday’s sailing was cancelled because of wind and rain, we’ll have to reschedule the Balmerino barbecue.

Push The Boat Out event

We’re getting geared up for the Push The Boat Out Event. Thanks to everyone who has put around flyers or e-mail and social media messages, and who have volunteered to help in various ways.

There are still opportunities to be involved; the plan for the day is:

10:00 start setting up boats and safety boats

10:30 put up registration table and gazebo in front of safety boat shed

10:45 launch safety boat and boats

11:00 setup static boats and other publicity display

11:00 first guests arrive and are welcomed, registered and kitted up

11:15 onwards succession of guests taken out sailing

11:30 barbecue and refreshments selling starts

15:00 last chance for guests to have time for kitting up and sailing

16:00 formal end of day

16:15 recover and de-rig boats, put away kit, clean up etc

16:15 barbecue and refreshments still on the go for helpers

17:30 should be cleared up

As you can see, if you like chatting to people then welcoming and registration (Front of House) is your opportunity.

If you like rigging and de-rigging boats then come at 10:00 or 16:00 but you don’t have to spend the whole day at the event.

If you like sailing and are confident in taking guests on short trips then a shift as a competent helm or crew would be good.

Above all, come and make it a fun experience for both the general public and Members.

Next week events

Tuesday 05May15, High Water 16:37, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather Southerly wind 7 knots, 9°C, rain.

Thursday 07May15, High Water 17:54, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather Westerly wind 18 knots, 9°C, sunny.

Saturday 09May15, Low Water 13:00, launch 11:00

Push The Boat Out Open Day

Weather North Easterly wind 14 knots, 7°C, rain

Sunday 10May15, Low Water 13:51, launch 13:00

Destination Abertay Sands, weather South-Easterly wind 7 knots, sunny, 10°C.

Officer of the Week:

Michael Kidd

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