6 July 2015

Next week events

Tuesday 07Jul15, High Water 19:52, launch 19:00

Capsize drill, weather light Southerly wind, 17°C, rain.

Safety boat helm: Mike Cain,but I’m on holiday and trying to swap.

Safety boat crew: Klemen Kamenic

Thursday 09Jul15, Low Water 15:26, launch 19:00

Destination downriver, weather nice northerly wind, 15°C, rain.

Safety boat helm: Ian Morrison

Safety boat crew: Murray Aitken

Sunday 12Jul15, High Water 12:42, launch 13:00

Destination local sail, weather – this bulletin being prepared too far ahead for the forecast.

Safety boat helm: George Reid

Safety boat crew: Paul McElhinney

Officer of the Day for the Week:

Michael Kidd

Cleaning rota:

Aileen Ross / George Reid

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