Newburgh camping and Tay Road Bridge 50 years celebrations

5 Wayfarers headed upriver on Saturday afternoon 20th August, accompanied by the club safety boat, for the weekend Newburgh camping trip. A light, though strengthening, tailwind guided us to Newburgh SC in 2½ hours where we promptly pitched tents before the anticipated shower arrived. 2 boats then joined in with Newburgh SC for some enjoyable racing around the cans in blustery conditions before hauling the boats ashore and cooking dinner on their gas BBQ.

A late power boat expedition down the river by 2 adults and the 3 kids in the party explored the muddy entrance to Port Allan before landing amongst the mud and reeds to explore the ruins of the 13th century Ballinbreich Castle, crashing up through the undergrowth and nettles!

A few ales and a good night’s sleep for most preceded an early breakfast and 9am departure with a decent tailwind (again) whisking us back in 2 hours, apart from 1 wayfarer that wandered into the emerging sandbanks on the north side of the Tay and did a bit of walking… Thanks to our hosts at Newburgh SC who were very welcoming and opened their facilities to us.

2 Wayfarers and Mr Bump re-launched Sunday afternoon to join the Tay Road Bridge 50th anniversary celebrations, tacking up past the bridge in warm sunshine and a lively force 4 wind. A good turnout of yachts, power boats, jet skis and even a coastal rowboat were milling about and, combined with the beautiful weather, creating a festive atmosphere to mark the occasion.

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