11 May 2015

Here is the bulletin for this week, please note change of Racing 3 from Tuesday to Thursday because of the weather forecast.

Report on Weekend events

Push The Boat Out

The Saturday Open Day event was great. There were people of all nations and ages trying sailing, in weather that was miles better than forecast. We’ve had a couple of new members, and some serious enquiries, from the day.

Thanks again to all who came to help or take part, and advertised the event on workplaces.

Sunday we had 3 boats on the water; the wind started as a light easterly and two hours later was a strong south-westerly. We did not go all the way to Abertay sands at the mouth of the river, but to that well known desert island Lucky Scalp.

Next week events

Tuesday 12May15, Low Water 16:12, launch 19:00

Racing 3 on the programme, weather very strong south-westerly wind, 13°C, rain.

Because of this forecast I propose moving the racing evening to Thursday.

Thursday 14May15, Low Water 18:41, launch 19:00

Racing 3 (was downriver) weather strong easterly wind, 10°C, sunny intervals.

Sunday 17May15, High Water 15:08, launch 11:00 (not the usual time.)

Destination Port Allan Picnic, near Errol 56°22'38.72" N 3°12'51.14" W, (plug this into Google Earth,) weather very strong westerly wind, 12°C, sunny intervals.

Officer of the Week:

John Morrison

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