14 January 2016

Hello Dundee Sailing Club,

Here are a couple of notices, and a few links for you to consider during the non-sailing season.

Building maintenance weekend 16/17 Jan.

Tam is painting the clubhouse stairwell this weekend, please minimise access to the building to avoid interaction with wet paint. Thank you Tam for taking on this job.

We’ll shortly be asking people to label any items they have in store and their trailers because a general spring tidy up is on the cards ahead of the sailing season.

Enter a competition to win a safety boat for the club!

If you go to http://www.rya.org.uk/programmes/dinghy-show/Pages/2016-safety-boat-competition.aspx there is a prize draw to win a small safety boat for your club.

Sailing stories for children.

Three picture story books, website http://www.topsails.co.uk/item_list.aspx?cat=33&name=Childrens%20Books

Contacting the Committee

Leandro has set up a group which you can e-mail and the message will go to the whole committee. The group address is: dsc-committee@googlegroups.com this will save you having to enter multiple e-mail addresses and you will know the whole committee have received it.

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