27 July 2015

Report on Weekend events

Sunday we had six boats on the water, rather windier than expected, and the safety boat diverted to a keel boat which was dragging its mooring. Made secure and then passed over to the lifeboat. Some of us decided that discretion was the better part of valour, and didn’t cross the river to the lighthouse beach.

Next week events

Tuesday 28th July, Low Water 19:19, launch 19:00

Destination downriver, weather North Easterly Light Breeze, 13°C, rain.

Safety boat helm: Lewis McConnachie

Safety boat crew: Alan McKay

Thursday 30th July, Low Water 21:05, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather Westerly Light Breeze,15°C, bright.

Safety boat helm: George Reid

Safety boat crew: Matt Higgins

Sunday 2nd August, High Water 17:17, launch 13:00

Destination Dolphin Spotting, weather Southerly Moderate Breeze, 17°C, rain.

Safety boat helm: Chris Lim

Safety boat crew: Elena Knatko

Officer of the Day this week:

Michael Cain

Cleaning rota:

John Stanners / Andy Convery

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