20 July 2015

Report on Weekend events

Sunday we had half-a-dozen boats on the water, an early start making up for the cancelled Newburgh trip. An enjoyable trip past the Pool sands at Tenstsmuir with some promising performances from newer helms Elisabetta, Alan and Emily! There was also a late launch downstream, we didn’t see any dolphins but lots of other wildlife.

Next week events

Tuesday 21st July, High Water 19:12, launch 19:00

Racing 7, weather Westerly wind, “Moderate Breeze”, 14°C, cloudy.

Safety boat helm: Matthew Simpson

Safety boat crew: Bill Clark

Thursday 23rd July, High Water 20:41, launch 19:00

Destination downriver, weather Westerly wind, “Moderate Breeze” 14°C, bright with rain.

Safety boat helm: Stephen Tallet

Safety boat crew: Elisabetta loi

Sunday 26th July, High Water 11:10, launch 13:00

Local sail, weather Southerly wind, “Gentle Breeze” 16°C, cloudy.

Safety boat helm: Kerstin Jorna

Safety boat crew: Ian Johnston

Officer of the Week:

Adrian Young

Cleaning rota:

Fiona Findlay / Euan Denman

Lunan Bay trip 22nd – 23rd August

There’s been a bit of debate on the Committee about this one, as it’s more risky than our usual club events, venturing up the coast past a rocky coastline. However the committee has decided, by majority vote, to go ahead and provide this more challenging event for more experienced members and to manage the risk appropriately:

  1. A full passage plan will be prepared, reviewing all aspects of the trip, including options for bolt-holes if the weather changes or unforeseen events.
  2. The trip will only be undertaken with a favourable weather forecast.
  3. Only more experienced members will be able to undertake the trip.
  4. Club dinghies will not be used, as they are generally more liable to equipment failure.
  5. The safety boat will accompany the dinghies in support.
  6. Participants are expected to prepare fully and take part at their own risk.

While this may disappoint members deemed less experienced, these more adventurous trips will be something to aspire to in future and there will be an alternative local club event planned also. It’s also unfortunate our other planned camping trips haven’t materialised this year, but we’ll continue to plan these in future.


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