24 August 2015

Report on Weekend events

Some Members went on longer trips on Saturday. Four boats headed North out the River in quite light winds. One stopped at East Haven, meeting the Carnoustie Sailing Club who were also having a barbecue there. Three boats carried on to Lunan Bay, camped overnight and trailed the boats home. Expect a longer report on this

Next week events

Tuesday 25Aug15, Low Water 17:44, launch 19:00

Destination downriver, weather Westerly Gentle Breeze, 15°C, .Sunny

Safety boat helm: George Reid

Safety boat crew: Dave Flynn

Thursday 27Aug15, Low Water 19:52, launch 19:00

Destination Circle with buoy pick up practice, weather South-Westerly Gentle Breeze, 15°C, Sunny.

Safety boat helm: Kerstin Jorna

Safety boat crew: Katja Pradel

Sunday 30Aug15, High Water 10:05, launch 13:00

Destination Monifieth Sands, weather Westerly Moderate Breeze, 17°C, Sunny.

Safety boat helm: Matthew Simpson

Safety boat crew: Fiona Findlay

Officer of the Week:

Duncan Heather

Cleaning rota:

John Morrison / Duncan Heather

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