31 August 2015

Report on Weekend events

We had a good time this weekend, with Ye Amphibious Ancients using our clubhouse on Saturday as the start of a race to the harbour. This may well become an annual event for them. They’re also always on the lookout for both swimming members, and people to drive safety boats.

Sunday we had seven boats on the water, with a trip to Tentsmuir over some interestingly choppy water, with seals, eider ducks, cormorants and so on.

Next week events

Tuesday 01Sep15, High Water 17:39, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather Northerly Light Breeze, 14°C, cloudy.

Safety boat helm: Duncan Heather

Safety boat crew: Jos Hall

Thursday 03Sep13, High Water 22:01, launch 19:00

Destination upriver, weather Northerly Gentle Breeze, 13°C, sunny.

Safety boat helm: Lewis McConnachie

Safety boat crew: David Cooke

Sunday 06Sep13, Low Water 15:27, launch 13:00

Destination helms choice, weather South-Westerly Light Breeze, z°C, bright sunshine.

Safety boat helm: Saydulla Pershe

Safety boat crew: Elisabetta Loi

Officer of the Week:

Adrian Young

Cleaning rota:

Michael Cain / Alan McKay

Some Other Items

We hope in September to have Saturday Working Parties for the Building and Club boats, dates being worked on.

The boat park is FULL. A number of unused boats are going to be taken away by their owners, or stacked up to produce some free space. If you have an unused boat please think about what you want to do with it. Thanks to Duncan for producing an up-to-date register on boats, and to Tam for his work in maximising the available space, and keeping the grass short to make it easy to move boats.

Training Level 1 / 2

Duncan has circulated an e-mail about a possible Training Course in September, and has had half-a dozen people interested; we’d have spaces for more if you grab a place quickly.

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