Dundee Sailing and Rowing Club Blog

Adventures in Arran!

A group of the club’s rowers successfully completed a circumnavigation of Arran on June 21st & 22nd, inspired by the row achieved by the Arran Coastal Rowing Club in 2018. The total distance covered was...

Rise and Row!

Eider and crew set out early on Tuesday morning in the hope of catching a lovely sunrise… and the skies didn’t disappoint. A great way to start the day ?

Evening Row

Eider went out on Monday just before sunset for a truly unique rowing experience. Special thanks to Yolanda for organising and ensuring all necessary safety measures were in place. Everyone had a great time...

Rowing & Sailing Together

We are now offering Rowing and Sailing every Thursday evening and, depending on interest the skiff also comes along on Sunday cruises. This is a great match for all weathers and cruises.